The proprietary and award-winning Atlas Pro is a versatile high-end platform for multiple VLOS and BVLOS professional scenarios. The drone is fully autonomous and can also be operated in an easy to use semi-autonomous mode. It's designed for multiple use-cases via exchangeable payloads which can work in any condition. The Atlas OS allows for full integration between the drone and 3rd party systems and enables interconnectivity between multiple drones using the MESH network

  • 50 min of flight time / 10 km with 1080p stream
  • Multi-Drone Control - command several drones together from the same Atlas Ground-Control Station to keep constant eyes on the target
  • Versatile exchangeable payloads (EO / IR / 4K / MultiSpectral)
  • Light, small, and durable for extreme conditions (IP52)
drone pro

A smart protective and charging station for fully autonomous behind visional line of sights (BVLOS) operation. Proprietary designed for the Atlas Pro and allows landing, charging, protection and constant drone readiness in remote locations. It is designed to allow for 24 hour drone operation, extending flight range with battery replacement, and as a relay station for data transmission. The Atlas NEST can be both mobile and stationary.

  • Fully autonomous UAV

  • 24/7 Atlas Pro

  • Integration with
    legacy security systems

  • Durable for Extreme conditions -20C - +50C

  • Designed as an docking station for the advanced AtlasPRO


AtlasMESH can extend the scope of missions by allowing an operator to control aircraft beyond line of sight (BVLOS). The system collects received data in real time from the video, telemetry, and sensors of all drones connected and operating simultaneously. This automated connection and communication inside the MESH ensure continual mission operation. ln the event that one drone needs to return to NEST for recharging, AtlasMESH will maintain an operational presence in the vacated region by sending a "Hot Swap" replacement drone until the original returns.

  • Multi-Node system for Multi-UAV Control
  • Multi-Stream from one UAV to several C5I rooms / GCS / Smartphones
  • Autonomous mission delegation between different drones
  • UAV as a Relay - Range extender
drone pro
Atlas OS & SDK

Our OS & Ground Control is easy to operate with a straightforward user interface that anyone can use. Our seamless Multi-UAV operations, Autonomous Waypoint navigation, FPGA based AI, and connectivity with third-party systems offer a user experience that is unparalleled. Atlas Operating System (OS) can be easily integrated into legacy security systems using Atlas' Software Development Kit (SDK), allowing our customers to control UAV's from distanced command and control station. The UAV can be deployed from a Nest system or by a person in the field, and the control can be transferred to the Command & Control room.

  • Seamless
    and easy to use

  • Integration to legacy

  • Secure data
    to client's Cloud