The Visor FF camera is a new highly performative payload designed for both standalone and to be used on the AtlasPRO UAS case scenarios. Camera is supplied with a high sensitivity thermal sensor. Being made in the European Union, Visor FF is also the ITAR (the International Traffic in Arms Regulations) free technology. Visor FF has many new features which makes the camera innovative, the built-in noise reduction technology being the primary one of all.

With Gimbal

Newly innovated Visor FF camera not only has a compact and lightweight design, but it also provides users with the most accurate data measurements.


Visor FF is the ITAR (the International Traffic in Arms Regulations) free product resulting in faster delivery process, which now is up to 6 months quicker than before.

Shutterless Technology

Being a shutterless camera, Visor FF allows engines to operate continuously without the need for a mechanical shutter operations.

Benefits of shutterless engines are that they are not only smaller and lighter than conventional engines, but also operate silently, have a faster start up time and consume less power.

Atlas Thermal player

Atlas Thermal Player is a tool which allows to export thermal data recorded by a user to the standard video format so it could be viewed on any device, manage thermal imaging analysis, measure temperature of the recorded objects and adjust the needed temperature range.

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