AtlasMESH changes the industry paradigm of One operator - One Drone. Using proprietary Networking Communication and Artificial Intelligence, the AtlasMesh enables you to seamlessly design a mission and launch a fleets of drones that will get the job done together  - an enduring ‘eyes on target’, relaying the collected data among themselves and sending it to all of your team members of the ground.


AtlasMESH is a networking technology that allows multi-point connectivity, enabling the operator to control multiple UAS in tandem.

Atlas proprietary Software-Based MESH communication enables multi-UAS operation in a cost effective and an easy to use approach, without the need for external antennas, expensive modules & modems, and without the need for internet connection – just our drones and GCS, and you are ready for swarm operation.

  • Real-time data stream from the AtlasPRO’s to numerous devices on the ground or remote GCS / C4I Station.

  • Real-time data stream of High Definition, Thermal and 4K payloads

  • Real-time Computer Vision functions over streamed video.

  • Multiple aircraft can be linked together and enable beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS) communication and control, opening various new operational options

  • Aerial relay also be used to extend the communication range above 8km (LOS) and enables extended ranges mission execution

  • Drone relay can be used to provide live video to a remotely positioned team members or Unmanned Ground Vehicles (UGV) equipped with  the AtlasRELAY Module, distributing the intelligence and providing extended BVLOS communication.

  • Keep your eyes on the target for hours with automated UAS Hot-Swapping never miss a key event or object

  • When one battery is getting low, a second UAS “team-mate” arrives to replace it and the area of interest, patrol route or target is ‘handed over’ to it whilst the other returns, fully autonomously for battery replacement in the Atlas NEST.

  • Easily operate several UAVs from the same GCS in real time or using pre-planned missions.

  • The AtlasFLEET is comprised of several AtlasPRO UAS

  • The AtlasPRO Operates in harsh weather conditions (IP53), wind (55 km/h) and altitude (5,500 AMSL).

  • All aircraft are “MESH-Ready” with a range of up to 8km.

  • Three payload options:
    Full HD 10X Optical zoom,
    4K: 3.5X optical zoom, and Fully radiometric LWIR.

  • Geolocation positioning with an accuracy of 6 meters from stand-off range (200m)

  • Real-time map updates according to our edge computer vision capabilities – not sure what we are trying to say here?  

  • Real-time data integration to wide range of legacy systems using AtlasSDK

  • Seamlessly design your aircraft’s autonomous preplanned missions

  • Define exclusion zones and allow your aircraft to alert when identifying intruders

  • allow your aircraft to continue preplanned missions even in lost-link scenarios