& First response

The ability to have an eye in the sky within moments of an incident, empowers forces on the ground to better deal with any emergency scenario. Mission planning for fully autonomous operation allows first responders to receive relevant data without having to use one member of the team to operate the aircraft. The portable and rugged Atlas Pro, with its unique capabilities, allows police forces, fire departments and rescue teams to provide the fastest response, in the most efficient way.

  • Extreme weather resistance (IP52)
  • 10 km range with 1080p stream
  • Small, light, portable and ready to deploy in 60 sec
drone pro
& Defense

The Pro’s bird's-eye capabilities provide the best understanding of a perimeter situation, assisting and reinforcing security and military units anytime and anywhere. Coupled with autonomous operation, the Atlas Pro is the perfect tool to deal with any security or defense threat:

  • 24/7 autonomous operation that allows constant eyes in the sky
  • Computer Vision based object recognition capabilities
  • Full Integration to client security systems
drone pro
& Oli/Gas

Industrial and Oil & Gas inspection & maintenance are costly, time-consuming and dangerous activities. The Atlas Pro is an efficient tool to reduce inspection times of these critical infrastructure in a fast, efficient and safe way.

  • Fully autonomous pre-planned missions
  • Secure and encrypted data
  • Opex business model
drone pro