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Atlas Dynamics is a next generation aerospace company based in Riga, Latvia that specializes in developing high-end autonomous UAV systems for the commercial and defense markets. Our company is leading the way in re-invent the professional UAV market. Utilizing our proprietary aerospace technology we quickly and safely provide users with valuable data through highly durable, intuitive and easy-to-use products.

Our company was founded in 2015 by aerospace experts with extensive experience in and background with both satellites and UAVs. We identified how inefficient the market’s current UAV solutions were and decided to create a company which makes UAVs that are more aerodynamic and are suited for the next generation of aerospace technology.

Our competitive advantage comes from our human capital as well as our proficiency, comprehension, and expertise in aerospace. Our vision is to transform this industry and create a higher standard for UAV solutions on the market. We are a hardworking and passionate team who are excited to showcase our products to the world; a product that redefine the ways in which UAVs are used in the professional market and maximizes the drone’s full potential.

Uor Team
in Latvia

We chose Riga to be the home of Atlas Dynamics because it is a large hub for aerospace development in Europe, making it an amazing place for designing and building cutting-edge aerial vehicles. With great universities and human capital, and with the benefits of being an EU company, Latvia is the perfect place for our company.

  • 19A, Ulbrokas Street, Riga. LV-1021. Latvia
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