Intuitive interface, complete control

AtlasSTATION has been designed with the simplicity of an operation as the core guideline. You don’t need to be a pilot, this aircraft is designed to be used by a person with no experience. A seamless user experience is optimising our user’s ability to learn and fully utilise all of the AtlasPRO capabilities in just a few hour time, enabling more users in the team to learn how to operate our drones.

Maps & Video Streaming

Fullscreen maps and payload video streaming with a simple window switch and resizing functions with only one touch .

Aircraft Menu Control

Control of any connected UAV during preplanned and manual flights with the aircraft drop-down menu.

On-Screen Adjustments

Video recording and photo snapshot control, camera light profiles, aircraft speed and flight lights.

Flying Bar Menu

Permanent aircraft flight information, access to the overall AtlasSTATION settings and network functionalities.

Autonomous missions made simple

We believe that the operator should have more time to deal with his core mission and not with a drone operation, or as we call it - more mission time and less screen time. Therefore, we have created an easy way to design and define pre-planned missions using an easy-to-use “waypoint mission planning”. Seamlessly define a route, a Point of Interest (POI) and our fleet of drones is on the way to provide you with the needed data.

Create and edit waypoints with one simple touch on the screen.

Select Points of Interest (POI) before and during missions.

Fly using the orbit mode around one of the multiple selected waypoints.

Define and restrict the boundaries of flight operations with Geo-Fences.

Keep a position of an aircraft for a long period of time above a point of interest.

Optimize data gathering in large areas with an adjustable grid mission planning

Use a trainable computer vision to identify potential threats.

On-screen radiometric display of hot spots enables you to find the missing person or source of fire in no time

Download the needed maps or upload your customs maps for sensitive case scenarios.

Access payload settings to adjust standard operational conditions.

Find the last flight coordinates from all the drone’s missions, opening “settings for repeated mission execution”.

Connect multiple drones with integrated optical labels.

On flight adjustments options

Atlas drone not only flies autonomously, according to the user's pre-planned mission profile, but it also allows a user to take charge at any time, redefine the mission and take manual control of some or all of the UAS fleets.

Touch screen gestures: Pinch-In and Pinch-Out for image zoom.

On-screen video recording and screenshot control.

Touch screen gestures: Tap-Up and Tap-Down for camera angle.

On-screen unique temperature range visualization selection enables to optimize data search results.

Change between map and video screens with a simple tap.

Profiles for Night, Cloudy, Day Light and Sunny scenarios.

Portable Ground Control Station

It takes less than 60 seconds to set up a mission. AtlasSTATION is a portable and easy to use ground control station. It was designed to provide seamless operations of 10 hour duration and 8 km range. No additional antennas or communication modules are needed; AtlasSTATION is the only thing you need in order to launch a fleet of AtlasPROs in the air and get the mission going.

Aircraft control and video streaming up to 8km without AtlasRELAY.

Numerous drones, one operator - seamlessly choose between different paired UASs and take the control over to yourself.

AtlasSTATION is designed for the efficiency and the comfort in the field conditions.

AtlasSTATION is designed for the efficiency and the comfort.

Optional memory card port for extra video and image storage.

Single hand operation and off-screen flight control, suitable for operation with gloves on.