Increase your reach,share a video feed

The AtlasRELAY radio module has several functionalities that increase capabilities of AtlasPRO

Use it as a mediator between a drone and an operator to control UAVs behind a line of sight.

Increase coverage and capacity between AtlasPRO and AtlasSTATION in the targeted areas.

Transmit live video from an aircraft to the numerous remote devices and AtlasSTATION.

Fully rugged body

AtlasRELAY is designed for a heavy work outdoors. It is a perfect companion for AtlasPRO, as it has a compact size, it is impact resistant and it has eight hours of battery life.

Fits in a hand and weights less than 700 grams.

A long lasting battery, which charges in less than one hour.

Impact protection against falls and bad treatment in the outdoor conditions.