AtlasPRO is a lightweight, in all weather conditions, man-packable mUAV designed primarily of ISTAR missions out to 16km BVLOS. It has EW resilient communications, 32 minutes endurance and can be made ready for flight within 3 minutes.

AtlasPRO was recognized by Global Awards, such as the Red Dot Design Award, the Edison Awards and the Good Design Awards for its innovative industrial design; the application of premium quality materials, aerodynamic shape, and outstanding specifications.

Flight Performance

max. flight time


ascent speed


max. service ceiling


wind resistance


descent speed


max. speed up to


MESH Technology

AtlasMESH is a networking technology that makes it possible for an operator to control multiple drones at once. Without the need of external gear, deploy, control and use multiple UAV's with one control station

BVLOS missions

Relay signal trough secondary UAV to fly behind problematic obstacles were signal usually is lost

UAV Hot-swap functionality

In constant monitoring situations hot swap depleted UAV with fully charged one, without interupting video stream

Share mission data

Share crucial mission information such as coordinates or video stream to other devices on mesh network

Advanced missions

The AtlasSTATION is a tablet, which can be used to control AtlasPRO from anywhere. One can use a touchscreen to seamlessly create missions, define routes and operate a drone on a distance. The interface of AtlasSTATION also allows one to complete data management, video streaming and a connectivity with third party systems

advanced waypoints
point of interest
target orbit
grid mapping
EMI countermeasures
dynamic landing point

Payload options


High-sensitivity (50mK) thermal camera, imaging at 640X480, 30 FPS. Noise reduction technology and Accurate temperature measurements ideal for analytics and telemetry, STANAG 4609 ,256BIT AES Encryption, RAW thermal format, RJPG

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Thermal camera, imaging at 640X512 or 336X240, 9 FPS. Accurate temperature measurements ideal for analytics and telemetry, STANAG 4609,256BIT AES Encryption. RAW thermal format, RJPG

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Small aerial camera with optical zoom up to 10x and digital zoom up to 2x. The Argus M10 offers unparalleled image data capture with an ultra high-quality sensor, 1920×1080 resolution 60 fps and 11 Mbps. STANAG 4609, 256BIT AES Encryption

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Ultra high-definition 4K camera with 12.7MP 1/2 3" CMOS sensor and 3.5X (21.5 - 75mm) Optical Zoom. Record videos and take stills with more detail and sharpness even with low light. STANAG 4609, 256BIT AES Encryption

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