Arrive faster, fly longer

The AtlasPRO is as quick in the air as it is to setup and fly from the ground due to a myriad of engineering and design choices that make it stand head and shoulders above the competition.

Outstanding flight time means it is easier to deal with unexpected missions.

Blazing fast charging of our Smart Battery (BMS Certified)

Cruise out to the action quickly, then return to base immediately.

See everything

Flying multiple drones enables the capability of having multiple sensors from multiple angles. Whatever the mission, you will have the tools.

Using this fully radiometric LWIR sensor the hidden comes to light.

If it is important to keep your distance but maintain spacial awareness

Tactical mapping and Shape From Motion from clear images and 3.5x optical zoom

Award winning design

AtlasPRO was recognized by leading global awards such as the Reddot, Edison, and Good Design for its innovative industrial design; the application of premium quality materials, aerodynamic shape, and outstanding specifications. It truly is a design ahead of its time.

Streamlined curves and aerofoil profiles help the AtlasPRO slice through the air

Self-heating batteries, excellent wind and water resistance make this design rugged

Optimized for simplicity and engineered from aerospace grade materials

No tool, no loose parts, the AtlasPRO simply folds open and locks into place before flight

Designed from the ground up, we apply our own IP to make the most powerful solutions

Carry on, mil-spec webbing backpack or weather/drop-proof hard-case options

Intuitive interface, Complete control

Our AtlasSTATION represent the new generation of hardware and software for aerospace operation; versatile and advanced capabilities that are easy to operate in any conditions.

Waypoint missions made simple

With one finger it is easy to create complex automated missions that allow you to stay focused with less screen time and more trigger time

Aircraft fleet stream & control

Controlling multiple aircraft is simple, watching the video is even more so. Get more work done, faster, and with one operator.

Upload customs maps

Download open-source, public domain maps, or load your own high resolution maps for greater flexibility and accuracy.

On-screen settings

Go beyond automated gain adjustment and black hot palettes with this fully radiometric, simple to use, application.

Computer Vision Capabilities

our solutions consist of different on-edge computer vision capabilities; tracking, object recognition, and proximity alerts are available according to different industry and use-cases

Restriction Zone & Geo Fencing

Geo fencing ensures your drone can only fly where it is safe to do so and restriction zones mean you will be notified of intruders.