Introducing AtlasNEST

The most simple in use and the most cost-effective autonomous docking station

*The leasing agreement on the basic kit and payloads can be concluded for 36 months within the EU framework. The price can change depending on the area of delivery, taxes, maintenance and client's requirements.

AtlasNEST beats the competition

Fully autonomous system
Takes up to 3 min to deploy
Easily portable
4200 €/month
Maintenance 3 times a year
Easily integrable
In need of an operator
Takes up to an hour to deploy
Requires a lot of space
200 000 €/month
Monthly maintenance
Not possible to integrate

Difficult technology made
simple and affordable

“AtlasNEST is a benchmark of our company policy, it is easy to use and easy to operate. New products and systems should not cost more than the profit they bring. They should help and make life easier.”
- ATLAS CEO Ivan Tolchinsky.
No human factor, fully autonomous system
Ready to use straight after unpacking
Easy to install anywhere. No additional wires except of one socket needed
Easy portable, can be carried by only 2 people

Autonomous System

Autonomous system completes all the work for an operator, one only needs to set a target destination on the AtlasSTATION interface.

autonomous take-off and landing
built in AI
autonomous battery swapping
precision landing system

One Box, One System

AtlasNEST system is designed not only for enterprise, but for all sectors. The docking station provides fully autonomous 24/7 readiness for infrastructure inspections, emergency situations and security missions.
Less dangerous
Time saving
Cost saving


Infrastructure inspection is a costly and very dangerous activity. It can be avoided to put workers in dangerous situations by sending a drone to collect visual data and uncover potential problems. ATLAS products can fulfil given tasks due to  built-in AI features and easy to use AtlasApp user interface.

Data provision to make the most efficient decisions
Smart Thermal inspections with VISOR NX and VISOR FF thermal cameras
Building Information Modelling for construction progress and quality monitoring
Building Information Modelling and data management with 3D mapping and pointcloud
Accurate data provision in a livestream format to check on facility construction
Harm reduction by sending AtlasPRO instead of a person to enter hazardous situations


A drone as a first responder livestreams from the site of the incident and reduces the risk of wrong decision making. Improving situational awareness by detecting lost people or a source of fire ATLAS products help Search & Rescue teams and fire fighters gather needed data and plan the mission with maximum efficiency, while minimising danger to life. 

Data provision from the
scene in a livestream format
to help with a better
emergency management
Instant response and quick deployment to the scene assisting S&R teams
Aid for emergency services helping figure out how to plan the rescue efforts
Real time data provision of the aftermath of disaster
Ability to access and provide assistance in the most dangerous and inaccessible areas
Safest path’s identification when rescuing people by boat


ATLAS products provide periodic updates to workers about the perimeter situation, which can help them determine future course of action. Assisting the reinforcing security units 24/7, our drones are able to recognise moving and stable objects from long distances in any time of the day or night. Moreover, ATLAS system can seamlessly be integrated in the existing security system working alongside with monitoring and recording cameras to help prevent unexpected intrusions and hazards.

Territory monitoring at a lower
cost using no human
factor technologies
Constant visibility of
the processes that
take place on
the monitored territory
Convenient observation spot to prevent chaotic and crowded situations
Immediate alert delivery about intruders on the territory
Intruder recognition and pursuit
Hourly prescheduled patrol around the territory and immediate situational awareness provision


ATLAS products provide farmers with the economical way to deal with agricultural management being the alternative to human resources, heavy machines and other tools. They are also ready to get deployed 24/7 and be installed on any farm in order to gain better productivity and increase revenues from agriculture. It is beneficial to own ATLAS system as it not only provides the land owner with a bird’s eye view of the field but it also provides one with more detailed information on the state of crop.

Farm monitoring to protect assets in the event of an abnormality behaviour of the livestock
Hourly livestream of the field condition straight to the office
Accurate mapping of the field as often as needed to control plants’ growth rate
Large amount of  grain stock
piles measuring
Field’s temperature and weather condition monitor to prevent drought and eliminate the risk of wildlife damage
Conforming to environmental laws and standards through consistent crop monitoring

With an Atlas SDK available, AtlasNEST is easy to integrate into existing security systems