A Proprietary
Hub For The
Atlas Pro

A proprietary hub for fully autonomous Atlas Pro operation. The Atlas NEST allows for autonomous takeoff, landing and charging of the Atlas Pro UAV. It provides wide deployment capabilities that are designed for Beyond Visual Line Of Sight (BVLOS) purposes.

A Proprietary<br />Hub For The<br />Atlas Pro
Fully Autonomous Drone Operation

The Atlas NEST enable a fully autonomous operation with the same AtlasPro UAV that can be launched according to pre-planned mission routes or as a response to specific scenarios. It can reach the location in seconds, understand the situation and provide valuable data to the Atlas Ground Station in real-time. In RTH, the Nest replace the battery and the AtlasPro is ready to leave to another mission in less then 3 minutes.

Fully Autonomous Drone Operation

The Pro Neural Network allows for sophisticated “on the edge” computer vision capabilities that are designed for security and anomaly detection. Our proprietary software can be modified and adjusted according to the specific needs of the customer.

Neural<br />Network
Communication - Multi Drone Control

The Atlas proprietary AutoPilot and OS is the first system to enables MESH Network that allows multi-node operation: Controlling multiple drones from the same operating system and dividing missions between them. This communication enables drones to communicate and move between different NESTs, thus creating a smart network of drones controlled by one OS, that can divide a mission between them and automatically substitute any UAV that requires replacing.

MESH<br />Communication - Multi Drone Control