Fully automated AtlasPRO Operation

The AtlasNEST is a proprietary hub specially designed for the AtlasPRO UAS, enabling 24/7 drone readiness and fully automated operation with automated take-off, landing, battery replacement, and pre-planned missions. Our Atlas SDK allows you to configure our user-friendly software to extend functionality to other open standards and legacy systems, meaning integration is painless, quick, and inexpensive.

Precisely landing on an unbelievably small platform has just become the new normal.

Automatic Battery replacement and reediness to take-off again in less than 3 minutes

When time is of the essence, having a drone ready to launch at a moments notice is key.

Increase your productivity

With the touch of a button it is simple to define a perimeter security mission and schedule times for deployment of routine security tasks. The Pros fly automatically according to your predefined plan and alerts the operator or C4I station only when it recognizes a predefined threat. No setup, no battery charging or replacement and no time spent carefully piloting the Pro through landings or take offs. You can focus on other more important tasks, and let the AtlasNEST take care of your security

Wireless and wired options allow you to connect to the Atlas network

The same simple software brought to the tips of your fingers at your desk.

can be easily integrated to different legacy C4I systems using the AtlasSDK

Long missions allow you to enough flight time to check your entire facility perimeter.

Checking the status of your aircraft 24/7 is simple with the AtlasNEST user interface.

Use Pre planned automated missions are key for 24/7 operation, but manual operation is of course optional and an operator can take back control immediately at any time.

Full protection to your AtlasPRO

More than just a landing pad, the AtlasNEST offers protection from the elements, is weather resistant, charges the additional batteries and monitors the readiness condition of your aircraft. Any changes in status will be immediately alerted to the pilot in command on the desktop.

Battery performance is improved by automated cooling/heating systems.

Work cannot stop just because of a little rain, or even a lot. AtlasNEST is weatherproof.

Tough under pressure, the AtlasNEST stands strong even under heavy snow.

Place it anywhere

Size and weight of operational technology is critical. The AtlasNEST is light enough that it can be lifted by two people and has has a footprint that will easily fit into a van, enabling it to be concealed if required, and easily.

Easily carried by two people, the AtlasNEST can be moved and placed wherever it is needed.

Connection to the network can be done wirelessly and is fully AES encrypted.

Variety of mobilised applications open up with a form factor so small.