Fully automated AtlasPRO Operation

The AtlasNEST innovation makes sure your UAS fleet is always ready to be deployed at a press of a button. You have an opportunity to generate the smartest perimeter fence you have ever imagined, using completely automated takeoff, landing and pre-defined flight route. When AtlasPRO runs out of a battery, it returns back and AtlasNEST autonomously swaps the battery, getting AtlasPRO ready to fly right out of the box again in only 3 minutes.

Precise landing on a small platform has just become the new normal.

Automatic battery replacement and readiness to take-off again in less than 3 minutes.

When time is of the essence, having a drone which is ready to be launched instantly is a key.

Increase your productivity

With a press of a button it is simple to define a perimeter security mission and schedule times for deployment of routine security tasks. AtlasPRO flies automatically according to your predefined plan and alerts the operator only when it recognises a threat. No setup, no battery charging or replacement and no time spent carefully piloting AtlasPRO through landings or take offs needed.

Wireless and wired options allow you to connect to the Atlas network.

A simple software at the operator's desk.

Can be easily integrated into the different AtlasSTATION systems.

Long missions give you enough time to check the entire facility perimeter.

Checking the status of your aircraft 24/7 is simple with the AtlasNEST user interface.

Use of a pre-planned automated mission is a key for a 24/7 operation, though an operator can  take control at any time

Full protection to the AtlasPRO

The AtlasNEST is weather resistant, charges the additional batteries and monitors the readiness condition of the aircraft. Any changes in status will be immediately alerted to the pilot in command on the desktop.

Battery performance is improved by automated cooling/heating systems.

Work cannot be stopped just because of rain. AtlasNEST is weatherproof.

AtlasNEST stands strong even under heavy snow.

Place it anywhere

Size and weight of an operational technology is very important.

AtlasNEST is light enough to be lifted by two people and can be easily fit into a van, so it can be hid very easily if necessary.

Connection to the network can be done wirelessly and is fully AES encrypted.

AtlasNEST is very compact sizewise and easily to get transported.