Providing the best tool to help Search & Rescue teams detect people in danger is one of our driven forces. AtlasPRO performance and reliability, regardless of the area in which searches are conducted, make teams response faster, more effective and cost-efficient.

ISR & SAR Ready

React to different circumstances on the field with multiple drones that provide constant monitoring of the target.

On-screen display of the highest temperature point or zone.

Detect objects and subjects during a mission using cutting edge A.I.

On-screen detection range for specific objects and targets.

Using multiple aircrafts and only one operator, one can scan numerous areas looking for missing people or personnel. Moreover, video information can be shared with other Search & Rescue members, as a remote user, enabling them to receive coherent real time data to their smartphones without operator's mediation.

Identify and locate important hot-points in the mission's interface.

Other rescuers can benefit from an aircraft live-streaming network.

Focus on the new areas and register areas that have been scanned.

Speed-up rescue efforts with a sharable Point of Interest.

Install personalised geographical maps, further operating with them.

Save drone's contact positions for the future operations.

Atlas products are designed to operate in any harsh weather conditions; from the arctic to the desert, AtlasPRO is ready to take off and provide its user with needed data.

Resilient, water repellent 5.11 rush military grade custom backpack for field operations and a hardcase for transportation.

UAV control and video livestream up to 8km distance between AtlasPRO and AtlasSTATION.

Extremely lightweight, easy to carry and deploy in any mission, no matter what the conditions are; no extra equipment needed.

It is easier to deal with the unexpected missions, due to the outstanding flight time of AtlasPRO aircraft.

Blazing fast charging of our Smart Battery (BMS Certified).

Cruise out to the action quickly, then return to base immediately.