AtlasPRO redefines the standards for aerial intelligence in real time through innovative mission-critical applications, including Multi-UAS automated missions, covert strategic flights, search and rescue operations and command pre-planned inspections.

ISR & SAR Ready

Never lose communication behind visual line of sight with a BVLOS Drone Relay, that enables one drone to relay the other. Plan and react in a situation when drone is out of sight, using multiple drones and receive data in a secure NATO standard band frequency.

On-screen NATO geo coordinates standard point reference system.

Use custom maps for online and offline mission operations with GeoTIFF, JPEG2000 and DTED.

Computer vision capabilities to identify and track people, vehicles, and other objects according to user needs.

Secure on-board encryption on both, an aircraft and AtlasSTATION.

On-screen object position, pointing with data target generation.

Military frequency band capabilities for bandwidth security and control.

Monitor the target for hours; when an aircraft is about to run out of the battery power,  the automatic UAV replacement will inform the second aircraft to switch locations, using MGRS & GPS Pointing.

Standard flights up to 45 min with one battery per aircraft.

Receive data from both aircrafts, while performing the hot-swap.

Enables fully autonomous operations with battery replacement capabilities.

Keep all teammates updated with information, using multi-stream capabilities from the UAS to all the field’s smart devices and AtlasSTATION, true Shared Situational Awareness.

Symmetric-key algorithm data encryption is included in the aircraft.

Data transmission to AtlasSTATION and a mission control on demand.

Video feed transfer to the numerous approved view points inside the network.

Beyond line of sight flights with video, data and aircraft control.

Interconnection capabilities for data, control and range extension.

On-screen manual control or programmed mission flights.